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You are Helping the Environment and Yourself

Because of solar panels, pollution is also by far from happening as it only generates electricity from sunlight which does not include burning fossil fuels or releasing large amounts of toxic gases in the air. Aside from that you are also getting yourself a solution to conserve more energy. People are really into installing solar panels nowadays because it is the best answer to counter the rapidly increasing retail prices of electricity. Australia is notable for being one of the country that has high electricity retail prices across the globe.

Savings and Benefits from the Government

Solar spirit provides you with more savings. Lower electricity bills are guaranteed because you are now producing your own electricity by utilizing the products and you can have the excess electricity sold as it is produced back into the grid. In addition there are also incentives at stake from the government to you. These comes in the form of rebates, line of revenue guarantees and feed-in-tariffs. The government offers to pay you back for the costs of installation and generation which also includes paying for the energy exported from you which can be used by other families.

The Best Investment and Additional Asset for Your Property

Having solar panels installed at the comfort of your own home is a wise and long term investment. The initial investment will pay off because you get to acquire free electricity for the next years to come. You can take the lead and have it first and the rest of your neighbourhood will follow. It is like putting up an additional conservatory which gives more value for your property.

Solar Accredited Installer


All our solar installers are accredited by the Clean Energy Council. “This is to ensure that the small-scale renewable energy systems for which the government issues STCs are correctly designed and installed. Clean Energy Council-accredited designer and installers have received proper training to ensure this. Systems that are designed and installed by someone who is not accredited will not be eligible to receive STCs.” – Clean Energy Council.

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You are Helping the Environment and Yourself

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