Can Solar Panels Power An Entire Residence?

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Getting residential solar panels installed to power your home is a big step and requires a lot of research and thinking. It would help if you weighed all essential factors before making a sound decision for your home’s power needs. Solar power is a renewable energy source, and one of the leading energy sources is commercial solar power systems.

The output levels and the number of solar panels are major detrimental factors for your home’s energy needs. Every house is different and requires a specific number of solar panels, which need to be installed in the most optimal way to gather sunlight and turn them into electricity.

Solar panels produce solar energy with the help of solar cells, and the solar inverter’s direct current converts into alternating current, which is then used to power your home.

Factors That Affect Energy Consumption

Before installing residential solar panel systems, you must determine your energy needs. Calculate your home’s monthly energy consumption to determine how much electricity would be required to power your home.

Even though the yearly energy consumption rate is bound to vary because of the change in climate and geographical factors, you can store the excess power produced by your solar panels on sunnier days with the help of a solar battery.

You must also consider the overall climate of your region to determine if sunlight is enough for your solar panels to generate electricity to power your home all year round. Your home’s environmental surroundings can also affect the solar panels’ energy consumption. Large trees and tall buildings around your house can block sunlight significantly and reduce productivity.

The number of panels is another crucial factor determining the amount of sunlight and electricity the solar system will generate. The number of panels would depend upon the size of your house, energy consumption and the number of people who live there.

How To Power Your House With Solar Panel Installation?

If you have a roof with adequate space for residential solar panel system installation, you can save a lot on your electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. The number of panels to meet the daily energy needs will depend on factors like the amount of sunlight, the size of your solar array and the energy efficiency of the panels.

What Are The Benefits Of Residential Solar Panel Systems?

One of the main features of installing residential solar panel systems is that you can save a lot on future energy bills. Since solar panels only require a one-time investment for installation with significantly fewer maintenance costs, you are looking at a lifetime of savings here.

Solar panels can make you energy independent, and your dependence upon the grid for electricity becomes much less. Being eco-friendly and energy efficient can also help the value of your house go up in the market.

An energy-efficient home also doesn’t leave a carbon footprint and is better for the environment. You also become less dependent on fossil fuels, and as solar panels are clean energy sources, no harmful emissions are released like pollution, greenhouse gases, etc.

Various Governmental schemes encourage people to adapt more to solar power as it is the best alternative to other forms of energy resources. Solar panels can be very beneficial in the long run and can power your home for up to 25 years or more. Thus, solar power is the best energy resource to invest in.

What If The Solar Panels Produce Excess Energy?

When the residential solar panel system generates excess electricity, it can be put in solar battery storage or sent to the electricity grid. Solar batteries store the surplus electricity generated and make it available for consumption anytime you want.

If you send the excess electricity back to the grid, you will get solar credits in exchange, or you could get an offset on your electricity bill from the Victorian Government.

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