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Tired of relying on the grid and fluctuating energy prices? Take control of your power with a high-tech solar battery from Solar Spirit, Australia’s leading solar experts. Store your daytime solar energy and use it at night or during blackouts, ensuring uninterrupted power and peace of mind.

Plus, Victoria’s interest-free solar battery loan is your chance to invest in a brighter future with reduced energy bills and greater control over your energy consumption. Stop relying on the grid and embrace the power of solar with Solar Spirit. Our over 12 years of experience guarantee a seamless and efficient installation. Contact today and let’s power your future – together!

Power Up Your Future with the Solar VIC Interest-Free Battery Loan!

Gone are the days of the Battery Storage Rebate! Now, the Solar Victoria’s interest-free battery loan slashes the upfront cost of adding a battery to your home solar system.

Exciting News!

Even if you received a solar rebate in the past, you may now be eligible for the Interest Free Battery Loan. This opens the door for thousands of Victorian households to enjoy the benefits of solar batteries, including:

Ready to take the next step? Invest in:

  • High-tech performance: Our batteries boast advanced technology for maximum efficiency and durability.

  • Smart integration: Seamlessly connect with your existing solar system for optimal performance.

  • Massive savings: Power your electricity bills by utilizing self-generated solar power.

  • Increased independence: Reduce your reliance on the grid and enjoy greater energy independence.

  • Peace of mind: Enjoy a long-lasting warranty and expert support from Solar Spirit.

  • A cleaner planet: Reduce your carbon footprint and go green!


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  • A solar battery storage system will allow you to benefit more from having a solar power system. We've teamed with Solax to bring you the X Hybrid series Solax Box

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