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Solar Spirit has been an established name when it comes to solar panels services Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. With years of experience and expertise, we are on a mission to empower every home in Melbourne and Brisbane with solar energy.

As a citizen of planet Earth, we are conscious about the effects of carbon footprint on our planet, the adverse effects of exhausting non-renewable resources and the excess financial stress fluctuating electricity prices may cause. We are constantly working towards providing excellent solar power system services including solar panel installation, solar battery and solar inverters.

We provide a wide range of solar power system related services including consultation and exclusive solar panel installation set-up. Our experts dedicate efficient hours to educate you about the necessary information that will help in maintaining your solar power system. Our services are just a call away.

With superior grade solar power system services, our solar products can empower your living space for 25 years. The maintenance is absolutely effortless and you will never have to worry about turning switches on and off!

Solar Spirit Is Determined To Offer The Best Solar System In Australia!

With solar energy system, you don’t have to worry about turning the switch on during the day and off during the night as the system will function seamlessly and automatically without constantly demanding your attention. The hassle-free switch from solar power and the grid is automated and chances are, you will not take notice of the shift. Our experienced consultants at Solar Spirit will provide required help and support with your solar power system.

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  • We only use high quality, durable, long lasting and the best solar panels in Australia from reputable solar manufacturers that we trust to be around for a long time.

Solar Battery

  • The quality of your solar inverter has a big impact on the overall performance of your system. This is why Solar Spirit only use what are considered by most

Solar Inverter

  • A solar battery storage system will allow you to benefit more from having a solar power system. We've teamed with Solax to bring you the X Hybrid series Solax Box

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Solar Spirit – Bare Solar Essentials For Australia

Solar Spirit is a solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter provider for residential as well as commercial uses in Melbourne and Brisbane. With the vision to provide clean energy to everyone in Australia, Solar Spirit is a family that’s growing everyday.

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Is Determined To Offer The Best Solar Panels In Australia!

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