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Residential Solar Power System – What You Need To Know?

Is a solar power system for home really for me?

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Solar power is a form of usable energy that is derived from the sun in the form of electric or thermal energy. There are various methods to absorb solar energy being omitted by the sun, the most common being with photovoltaic solar panels that are capable of converting the sun’s rays into usable form of electricity.

With solar energy system, you don’t have to worry about turning the switch on during the day and off during the night as the system will function seamlessly and automatically without constantly demanding your attention. The hassle-free switch from solar power and the grid is automated and chances are, you will not take notice of the shift. Our experienced consultants at Solar Spirit will provide required help and support with your solar power system.

The installation of solar panels is executed at three main scales: residential, commercial, and utility.

The residential solar power system is installed on the home’s rooftop or in an open land (ground-mounted) area where the solar panels are exposed to the maximum. The power is usually anywhere between 5 and 20 kilowatts (kW), depending on the size of a property.

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We provide a wide range of solar power system related services including consultation and exclusive solar panel installation set-up. Our experts dedicate efficient hours to educate you about the necessary information that will help in maintaining your solar power system. Our services are just a call away.

Our experts exhibit quality workmanship when it comes to residential solar panel installation so you don’t have to worry about getting it done from elsewhere or having it do it yourself.

With superior grade solar power system services, our solar products can empower your living space for 25 years. The maintenance is absolutely effortless and you will never have to worry about turning switches on and off!

Technology – Polycrystalline or Monocrystalline Panels?

Monocrystalline panels comprise singular large crystals, whose cell corners are usually missing. This happens due to its production process. Furthermore, these panels tend to be darker in colour and the texture is more or less uniform.

Polycrystalline panels comprise multiple smaller crystals. Unlike their monocrystalline counterparts, these panels are lighter or at times, dark blue. Also, their texture is non-uniform and they tend to bear lighter patches.

It has been widely established over the last few years that monocrystalline panels hold a distinct advantage of being the superior technology in the Australian market. This can be attributed to the fact that monocrystalline solar cells tend to produce better peak efficiency as the inherently larger crystal sizes are traditionally very absorbent. Furthermore, this technology was easily available when compared to polycrystalline solar cells. It has to be noted that as of today, both technologies have advanced greatly, thereby bridging the gap between their usage. To put it into perspective, both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels are absolutely amazing for all forms of solar energy systems in the Australian climate.

Instead, it has become increasingly evident that the more important aspect to focus on is the quality of the product, the reliability of the manufacturer and the performance of the product over time. These three factors alone can make all the difference in how much of your energy costs are offset, how long they will yield a return on your investment and how quickly you can receive support if things do go wrong (or even just need general maintenance – which we do recommend!).

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  • We only use high quality, durable, long lasting and the best solar panels in Australia from reputable solar manufacturers that we trust to be around for a long time.

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  • The quality of your solar inverter has a big impact on the overall performance of your system. This is why Solar Spirit only use what are considered by most

Solar Inverter

  • A solar battery storage system will allow you to benefit more from having a solar power system. We've teamed with Solax to bring you the X Hybrid series Solax Box

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