Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning The Solar Panels!

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Go ahead and get those residential solar panels in Queensland shining with these easy hacks!

If you have got your solar panels just installed, chances are you won’t be needing to clean them anytime soon. However, if the weather hasn’t been great and your area has witnessed a few storms the panels may be dusty. 

For a professional cleaning of the residential solar panels in Victoria, you can always call in for the experts. If you are simply looking at cleaning the panels by yourself these are some easy DIY hacks that you can try. 

Why do you need to clean the solar panels? 

While solar panels are not very high-maintenance, they need to be looked at every once in a while. Often during storms, branches may fall on the panels and this kind of obstruction can hinder the absorption of sunlight. 

Bird droppings too can be a nuisance and these over time can spoil the look of the panels and hinder them from performing optimally. 

How to clean solar panels in Australia?

For starters, you should read up carefully on the information provided on a brochure or leaflet when you had the panels installed. Any do’s and don’ts will be mentioned there. Using a sharp object during the cleaning process, whether it is for removing the bird droppings or even for brushing aside the branches, is a big NO. 

The sharp object can damage the panel glass and that would cost you much to repair. In order to be safe and clean the panels in the most cost-effective way, water, a sponge and soap solution is recommended. 

The sponge should be non-abrasive so as to not damage the panels. The soap solution used should be a mild one as some harsh detergents could impact the material of the panels harmfully. 

Watch yourself too while cleaning the residential solar panels in Queensland. Often the solar panels are at a height on the roof and you can be prone to accidents if you do not take adequate precautions while cleaning them. 

What do the experts recommend? 

The experts say that the cleaning of the solar panels in Australia shouldn’t be done by a trial and error method but rather through proper following of protocols. The glass of the panels is extremely delicate and you do not want to incur a cost of thousands by having to repair damages. 

Leave the cleaning of the solar panels to the professionals. 

Why are residential solar panels in Victoria said to require minimal cleaning? 

On the off chance that you are worried that your solar panels may require cleaning every once in a week, this is not the case. The benefit of being positioned on the roof at an inclination allows the panels to be washed every once in a while by the rain. The debris is cleared and the dust with it leaving your solar panels clean. 

Due to the inclined position of the panels on the roof, any physical dirt or matter will slip down. 

How do you know when it’s time to clean the solar panels?

Instead of going up to the roof every once in a while and checking on the panels, a great determinant of whether the solar panels are functioning well is the electricity bill.

If you notice there is a drastic increase in it, it would be suggestive of the fact that the panels are not working optimally, and you could call the experts who’d advise you what the problem is. 

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Going solar is not an easy decision for many as there is often reluctance associated with it. It is of course a major change. But for the better. You will see a drastic reduction in the electricity bills, be contributing to a cleaner and greener Earth and get your solar panels installed while the prices are great. 

In the coming years, the world is going to recognise the power of solar and this may cause an escalation in demand. 

If you have already had your solar panels installed, the cleaning of the panels is not an ordeal and you need not worry about it unless of course there has been a storm or you haven’t checked on the panels for years.

Here’s your first step to going solar.


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