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Australia’s dry and unpredictable climatic conditions are perfect for the installation of solar panels for both commercial and residential purposes. That is why residential and commercial solar panel Australia applications are such a big deal in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Solar energy offers a host of attractive perks per se. Utilise this clean and green energy to light up your living space or working space which won’t burn your pocket. Solar energy stands as renewable energy which won’t ever exhaust and will always be in use. Solar Spirit has been a leading provider of residential and commercial solar panel Australia applications for decades now and we understand exactly what your residential or commercial space power needs are. 

There are two types of solar panels commonly used in residential and commercial solar power systems in various cities like Brisbane-

  • Photovoltaic Panel– It is made of silicon, arsenic and selenium which generates electric power by converting solar energy to electric current
  • Solar Thermal Panel– It is a closed-tube system that contains a solution to collect solar heat and transfer it to hot water tanks in the building

What are solar panels made of?

Solar panels are made of several solar cells, connected together between protective glass and a backing plate. It is usually made of silicon, arsenic and selenium, surrounded by an aluminium frame.

Why install solar panels? The benefits of the solar power system!

  • Eco-friendly – Solar panels are eco-friendly for using the optimal amount of unlimited energy renewable resources from the sun without any direct greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save money from electric bills – For using solar energy, you will get to save a lot in your savings account by not paying the huge electric bills
  • Adds value to your property– Solar panels are an attractive feature which will increase the cost of your property by adding market value
  • The electric grid benefit – If your solar power system is connected to the electric grid, you can export and sell the unused solar power back to the electric retailer.
  • Low maintenance – Regular health-check and an occasional cleaning will lead to increase in the life of solar panels to 25 years 
  • Government incentives – The Government of Australia supports the solar panel system with the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme by offering financial incentives. You will be issued tradable certificates and feed-in tariff pays eligibility to generate and export the electricity to the grid

Are you thinking about how many solar panel Australia units you need?

  • Number of panels depends on the power output of your whole solar system
  • You will need fewer panels if each panel’s nominal power rating is high
  • You can buy more than 15 cheap lower efficient solar panels if there is plenty of roof space

6 factors that influence the cost of residential and commercial solar panel Australia applications! 

  • Capacity (in Watts)
  • Physical size
  • Brand
  • Quality of materials
  • Durability/longevity (or warranty period)
  • Certifications the solar panel might have.

Don’t worry! After two to five years of installation, the solar power system will automatically pay your electric bill. Then you will save a huge amount of time and money.

Powering Up Brisbane and Melbourne Suburbs 

  • Cash– Cash leads to the shortest possible payback time for your business, as fees and charges involved with leasing increase the overall cost of a system
  • Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)– PPA is the type of solar leasing agreement where the price of electricity can be a lot cheaper 
  • Green loan– Green loan allows you in negotiating a price for installing the commercial solar panels
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance– It helps to access loans to improve the energy, water and environmental efficiency of your building

If you’re considering installing solar panels for your business, Solar Spirit can help you get quotes from high-quality, pre-vetted Australian installers quickly and easily. Solar Spirit is a leading provider of all round residential solar power system Brisbane and commercial solar power system Brisbane installations that are tailored for your needs! 

Understanding a Commercial Solar Battery 

A commercial solar battery stores the electrical energy generated by the solar panels.  The stored energy can be used by you at any time, especially in the event of:

  • Power outage
  • Nightfall
  • Overcast or rainy weather
  • Peak electricity cost periods (typically 11 AM to 3 PM)

By employing a commercial solar battery in Brisbane or Melbourne suburbs, you wouldn’t have to rely on the power grid alone to meet your commercial energy requirements. In fact, with a solar system you can generate your own electricity, saving tens and thousands of dollars each year. 

Why go for Solar Spirit Company in Melbourne and Brisbane? 

Solar Spirit is very environmentally conscious and a prime believer in sustainable development. We do not want you to burn the limited resources for your living on Earth instead use the unlimited green energy from the sun. With us, you can remove the excess financial stress for your family and relax while solar energy lights up your living space. We aim to provide a top-notch affordable residential and commercial solar power system in Brisbane, Australia. So it is of little wonder that Solar Spirit is the top company Melbourne and Brisbane have to offer! 

Solar Spirit ensures you to provide hassle-free transformation efficiently and effectively according to your convenience. Your installation is in good hands with premium quality workmanship with a seal of trust that comes with legacy. 

We make your roof to pay your power bills!

We are just one call away at your service with quality workmanship!

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