How to repair solar panel rust?

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Solar panels are gradually becoming an essential part of our life. The use of renewable energy is the most efficient alternative to fossil fuels. Zero pollution and zero carbon emissions make solar power systems the most suited energy source.

Pv systems are available for large-scale commercial production of power. It is also available for home solar purposes. Hence you can easily purchase one for your home and enjoy additional free-of-cost electricity and hot water. The panels are also known as solar cells.

Most houses in Australia have installed solar panels for its numerous benefits. However, to enjoy these benefits, you must take proper care of the module. One of the most significant threats to be prevented is rust.

A PV array is made of multiple components. The metal framework keeps all these components affixed and maintains the system’s durability. But what about the durability of the metal frame.

The mount stabilises the panels are highly prone to damage and corrosion. While a PV module can serve over ten years under ideal conditions, damage to its mount can reduce its service period.

Rusting can degrade the quality of the metal and prone it to cracks and breaks. These cracks can lead to a complete breakdown of the system.

So, do not be surprised if one day you wake to a shattered and all-broken solar system in your front yard. This can be prevented. You can recover the metal components that have been corroded by oxidation. But to understand how to repair rusted parts on your solar system, you must understand the basics.

It is vital to understand what rust is and how it forms. Further, the intensity of the damage it can cause must also be understood to get a better reason for preventing corrosion.

How does rust form?

The cells of a PV panel are made from silicon. The covering that encases the silicon cells is made from glass. The mounting frame is, however, made from metal. The screws and bolts are also made from metal.

So, although corrosion will not be able to affect the primary system, it can damage the mounting, which provides stability to the panels and keeps them intact.

The framework is mainly made from iron, which is converted to iron oxide in the presence of water and oxygen. The product of this chemical reaction leads to the formation of rust.

What is the impact of rust on solar panels?

The efficiency of a PV module is not hampered by rust. Since silicon is not prone to corrosion, it cannot damage its functioning. Whether your metal frame has corroded or not, the absorption and production rate of the system are not affected.

However, it can impact the integrity of the entire system. Gradual corrosion and build-up of rust can lead to cracks on the mount. If not addressed at the right time, the damages can expand.

Ultimately the entire framework will fall into bits. Along with the support, the panels will also shatter into pieces.

Considering how much you invested in purchasing and installing the module, it will severely blow your finances. Aside from losing your system, you will also lose the energy savings you enjoy.

Your budget will also be affected if you plan your expenses according to your electricity consumption.

Another metal component is an essential part of most PV arrays. It is the heat exchangers. These are also made of metal, and rusting can degrade the durability of the exchangers as well.

The impact of heat exchangers can degrade the overall performance of your system. It can be experienced especially during the winter when it serves the most crucial purpose.

How to repair rusted parts?

The glass casing of your PV cells prevents any damage from any external element. Moisture or dust is unable to reach the internal parts of the system. Hence, they are protected from decay and corrosion.

But the glass is prone to cracks and dents. During the installation process, there is a high possibility of damage to the casing. The cracks can serve as an entry point for moisture aerosols.

If moisture and air enter the space, it can cause significant damage to the system from the inside. While the silicon component will stay safe from corrosion, other metal parts can be affected.

Once the internal parts get damaged, you will have no choice but to replace them. However, with the metal mounts, this is not the case. If you find damage on these parts, you can either weld them anew or replace them conveniently.

You must monitor the condition of your panels regularly. Some people like to clean their modules. If you are one of them, then be sure to wash them with warm water. Coldwater tends to react to the hot panels. It can easily damage delicate parts.

Also, be sure to clean your panels dry before you are done. The presence of water can catalyse the formation of rust.

How can you prevent rust formation?

While you can repair rusted metal components on your PV system, there are better options. Our favourite is anti-rust coating. Why worry about damage to your system and take the hassle of regular monitoring if you can modify your system with an anti-rust coating?

Apply the coating over the metal frames, and it will prevent corrosion. This is the most effective way to ensure the integrity of your system. It will prevent corrosion and not allow dust and debris to sit on the components. Thus, maintaining the look of your system as well.

Another option is to purchase aluminium mounts. Due to the risk of rusting and corrosion, most brands offer aluminium mounts. Some brands also provide metallic mounts with aluminium coating to enhance durability. This is a better option as it allows for better durability while preventing corrosion.

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