Is buying a solar panel worth it in 2023?

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While there can be multiple variables to affect the cost, savings and return on investment of solar panels installation, the catch is that they are a pretty good way of investment.

The answer to your commonly asked question is Yes.

No matter what Australian state you reside in and how much electricity you consume, solar panels are worth the money in 2023.

Let us see why residential solar panel systems are worth the investment in 2023.

Is a solar panel installation worth it in 2023?

Usually, a residential solar panel system is supposed to make good returns within 5-6 years of installation.

Also, a good quality solar system should be able to suffice 25 years or more if well maintained.

Solar energy is currently less expensive than before, and the expense has fallen more than a whopping 70% in the last ten years.

These low costs make solar power more available to property owners than ever before.

Also, installing solar panels can be much less expensive when you benefit from various Australian Government solar incentives.

As you know, utility prices are reaching the sky in every part of Australia, leading to more people switching to solar energy.

This is because solar power reduces electricity bills tremendously, especially in 2023, now that the price of solar panels has reached an all-time record low. 

Solar panels have become so cost-efficient that it is entirely possible to receive a return on your investment from residential solar panel systems within 3 years of installation.

You should also remember that installing a top-quality solar panel system will help increase your property’s value.

This, in turn, will increase the potential rental yield because the new property owners will be able to take advantage of the free energy of the roof.

As far as the environmental advantage is concerned, installing a solar power system can reduce a property’s carbon footprint.

This is a big step toward transitioning Australia to 100% renewable energy sources and a significant opportunity for a positive financial and environmental outcome.

The Government has been supporting solar power in Australia for many years, and at solar spirit, we take pride in installing heavily subsidised solar panels.

Australia has been divided into four zones which will decide the amount of rebate and incentives you will receive on your solar installation.

These were some of the most significant advantages of installing solar panels in 2023, and there are more benefits.

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