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A scalability and business model with efficiency like nowhere else, Jinko Solar Panels are the leading light of the solar power industry and amongst the top manufacturers in the world. Ranked as ‘The most bankable solar module manufacturers’ by Bloomberg NEF, the brand is a leader in the solar industry and a top performer.

They manufacture some of the most efficient, affordable and cost-effective solar cells that adopt new technology.

7 Reasons Why Jinko Solar Panels Stand Out

So what features of Jinko Solar Panels make them the global leader in their field? Let’s take a look at that:

  1. An excellent power rating of 350W – 585W
  2. A high-efficiency rate of 19.7% – 21.3%
  3. Multiple cell technology options like P-type, N-type and TopCon
  4. An affordable bracket of low to medium pricing
  5. Multiple variants to select from
  6. A good product warranty period of 20 years
  7. Offers a better aesthetic

The Variety Galore! – What awaits you at Jinko Solar

Serving for both residential as well as commercial purposes, the brand offers several variants to choose from based on your needs. They also customise specific panel designs for large MW scale systems to suit application/usage requirements.

Note: MW = Megawatt scale systems

Until recent times, the panels were mostly of mono or poly varieties of P-type silicone base with 60 or 72 cell sizes. However, the solar panel manufacturers then decided to transition into the higher and more efficient mono PERC Cell-based panels. 

However, we need to take a deeper look into the following varieties that Jinko has to offer to get a clearer idea:

Jinko Solar Range of Solar Panels

  • The Cheetah Range

The panels produced in this series are currently the most popular ones available in the Big Cat Series of the Jinko lineup. They possess a range of sizes starting from 325W up to 340 W. 

Differentiating based on  purpose:

  1. For residential purposes, they are available in the standard 60 or 120 (half-cut) cell sizes.
  2. For commercial purposes, especially in large format, they are available in the 410W range

The Cheetah Range Panels assure you the perfect combination of good quality and value for money. 

Cheetah Plus is a type of panel available under the Cheetah Range, These are 370w panels with 66 cells, This panel is a recent addition to this range and is of industry standards with good power output. 

  • The Tiger Range

Tiger series was launched after the Cheetah series and has an impressive output range of 360W – 470 W. This latest range of panels consists of the following features:

  1. Format cells that are larger than the rest
  2. N-type cells with high purity
  3. A product warranty of 20 years
  4. A performance warranty of 30 years
  5. A multi busbar (MBB) consisting of 9 busbars which are thin and has been titled as Tiling Ribbon or TR by Jinko. 

Tiling Ribbon aims at increasing efficiency as it is a manufacturing method in which the overall coverage of the cells is increased by overlapping them. 

The above-mentioned features of the panels add to reduce the costs of electricity bills and also nullify the need for soldering.

No soldering also means dismissal of the traces of lead used during the process which further adds to its benefits. 

Tiger pro panel is a high-power variety of panels available under the tiger series, The earlier version of this panel had an extraordinary power of 580W. However, the current variety broke its own record and now has a power of 610W. 

Additional benefits of Tiger Pro Panels are:

  1. A high-efficiency rate of 21.6%
  2. The temperature coefficient is low due to the MBB System (-0.35 degree Celsius)
  3. Longer warranty period (up to 25 years of product warranty and 30 years of performance warranty)

Apart from all the above-stated product benefits, Jinko Solar are a manufacturer with a proven and solid track record. They’ve been consistent with their service quality and performance in the market. They follow the latest technology advancements to provide the best range of products.

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