Tips To Prepare For An Energy Efficient Year With Residential Solar Panels Australia

Residential Solar Panels

News of climate change seems to plague our lives every day, and there are calls to help out and do our bit. 

Non-governmental organisations, social platforms, and environmental firms are all rising to the occasion in order to make the world a better place. 

In such times, in the busy lives that we often lead, it is tough to go out and make a difference. Solar Spirit thus thought of an innovative yet effective method by which every person can make a change. 

Get your residential solar panels in Melbourne this year

An energy-efficient year is what you need. As the climate changes and non-renewable sources of energy soon run out, it is only a matter of time before solar power becomes the only economical option left. 

Here are some ways in which you can lead an energy-efficient year.

  • Use your appliances wisely: As has always been said, the appliances at home shouldn’t be left running without any purpose. Switch off when not in use. Excess power is consumed, and this seems the most practical way of reducing it
  • Natural heating: The Sun is free! Use the natural heat that it gives off instead of heaters that consume additional power
  • Have an energy audit: Energy-consuming issues around the home need to be identified and resolved. An energy audit helps point these out and gets you on the path to being energy-efficient
  • Reduce the bill: Your electricity bill is a direct measurement of the power consumed in your home. Try aiming to bring down your monthly bill amount, thus reducing the power you consume
  • Install residential solar panels in Australia: The above measures can all be possible with one solution. Harness solar power. 

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Providing you with an incredible range of handpicked solar panels, we are certain that these make for a sustainable living. 

Among the services we offer, are:

Residential solar panels installation in Brisbane

Envisioning the future becomes simple when realistic solutions are at hand. We at Solar Spirit provide you with premium installations at an affordable price. 

With solar batteries, inverters, and panels to suit your needs, we are extremely committed to being the cause of you adopting this green power and saving the Earth. 

We believe that when you are adopting an approach for the cause of saving the environment, it shouldn’t be a hassle. 

For this very purpose, we have seen to it that our team of professionals does an excellent job of the installation and what’s more is that we take charge of the maintenance!

The working principle of residential and commercial solar panels in Brisbane

To better understand how solar power is in actual green power, meaning that the carbon dioxide given off is minimal, here is the basic working principle of residential solar panels in Brisbane.

  • The solar cells produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect
  • This DC electricity goes to an inverter where it is converted into AC electricity
  • The inverter ensures that your home or office space utilises the solar power first, and only when not available, it shifts to the power grid for electricity
  • A bi-directional meter is installed to report and record the energy units consumed and the deficit

Commercial solar panels in Melbourne vs residential ones: The cell of difference

The difference between a commercial and residential panel is the time taken for the installation and the number of photovoltaic cells that make up the panel. 

While a commercial panel may take up to a month for the installation to be complete, a residential one takes not more than a day or two. 

A residential panel has around 72 solar cells that make up its length, whereas, in commercial panels, this is around 96. 

Tell us which one suits you, and we’ll be glad to be a part of your mission to go green. Contact us today.


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