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Converting sunlight into electricity was just a far-fetched concept a few years ago, but now it is taking the world, and particularly Australia, by storm. With some of the best hand-picked solar panels in Melbourne and Brisbane, Solar Spirit is your one-stop solution for everything solar!

A solar panel installation in Australia: how does it work?

The Australian climate seems perfect for the installation of solar panels. While the deeper underlying concept of solar panels seems intricate, it simply involves sunlight hitting the panels and being converted into electricity that can then be used for about anything! There’s a photovoltaic effect at play, and the electrons in the material of the cells are what causes the burst of electricity. 

Daily activities that solar panels could assist:

  1. Solar water heating: The rooftop cells absorb the solar heat, and then the solar water heating solutions create hot water that can be used for household chores. If you’ve got a sauna or jacuzzi in the house, get a solar panel installation done today!
  2. Solar heating: The winters can get rough, with temperatures dropping pretty low beyond the bar. Who wouldn’t want a home that is cosy and warm, while paying an economical deal for it!
  3. Solar ventilation: A good deal for your home or office space, solar ventilation enables the air to be preheated, thus offering you warmth when the climate gets a little windy. 
  4. Solar transportation: While this year cannot throw any more surprises at us, a solar-powered car would be a welcome one! 

Solar services we offer

Among the best handpicked solar panel services we offer

  1. Solar panels installation in Australia
  2. Residential solar panels in Brisbane
  3. Residential solar panels in Queensland
  4. Residential solar power system in Brisbane
  5. Solar batteries in Brisbane

Why is Solar Spirit a good choice?

With residential as well as commercial plans, Solar Spirit has an array of solar panel systems to choose from. We cover the maintenance and installation processes and make sure they are hassle-free. With solar panels gaining momentum, the coming years will see a boom in this technology and Solar Spirit is here to make the installation of solar panels in Australia, Queensland, and Brisbane easy. 

Install a solar panel today and cut down the electricity bills!

  1. Going solar can dramatically reduce your electricity bill. 
  2. The installation of solar panels in Australia also helps you make your electricity bill more predictable.
  3. Photovoltaic panels have become increasingly common in Queensland, with many homes now adopting residential solar panels. 
  4. A residential solar power system in Brisbane increases access to energy.
  5. With the climate dwindling and the green-house effects taking over, a little reduction in carbon footprint never hurt anyone. Go solar today!
  6. Solar panels come with a low maintenance cost, and thus you wouldn’t be left worrying about additional costs.
  7. Protect yourself against the sky-rocketing power prices in Brisbane with residential solar panels. 
  8. Solar batteries in Brisbane are an upcoming option. These act as energy storage devices, storing the energy from solar panels during the day and allowing their usage later on throughout the day. 

A boost to the environment

Solar panels seem like the new green option for the future. Minimising the dependence on fossil fuels, these panels derive pure energy from the Sun and cut down emissions by tons. With non-renewable resources of energy getting depleted by the day, solar panels installation in Australia is setting a benchmark for the use of renewable sources. 

Contact us today and we’ll fix you a solar panel in your home or office space. Solar Spirit is working towards making the environment cleaner, one solar panel at a time.


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