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The Sun. 

The mightiest in the solar system. 

What once had the power to get the planets to revolve around it and was the centre of the Universe, now has the power to reduce your electricity bill by manifold. 

So what exactly is solar power and why is it becoming the new trend in town?

Find out here!

The basics of a commercial solar panel

As you may well be aware, solar panels take solar energy (sunlight) and convert this into electrical energy. 

Take for example a commercial solar panel in Brisbane, Queensland

This is how the conversion of energy happens: 

  • The photovoltaic cells in the solar panel absorb the sunlight. 
  • These photovoltaic cells are in themselves charged entities. 
  • When the energy in the form of light is absorbed by the cells, the electrons in the materials of the cells are knocked off. 
  • This flow of electrons constitutes the electric current. 
  • The photovoltaic effect thus generates an electric current. 

The difference between commercial solar inverters in Brisbane and regular power inverters

Yes, one aspect is the cost reduction by opting for solar power. 

However, have you ever wondered about the basic difference between commercial power systems and regular power?

Here it is:

  • A regular inverter is connected to the home power supply. 
  • When the power is on, the inverter charges the batteries using this power. 
  • When the power is off, the inverter takes this stored DC power from the batteries and converts it into AC power to supply to the home. This is almost the same principle that the off-grid solar inverters use. 
  • Except, that in this case, all the energy you use is coming from the sun and hence it is 100% sustenance. 
  • In commercial solar inverters that are connected to the grid, the scene is slightly different. 
  • In this case, the solar power system supplies excess electricity to the grid. 
  • Thus, people or companies who go in for this can sell this excess energy back to a distribution company. 

This brings us to the next topic of where commercial solar power systems are used in Brisbane and Queensland

Putting commercial solar power systems to good use in Brisbane and Queensland

There are numerous applications of solar power systems at the industry level.

Due to their cost-efficacious nature and effectiveness, they are employed in:

  • Water desalination
  • Telecommunication
  • Engine operation
  • Remote power systems
  • Remote sensing

The benefits of going solar!

Solar panel installation Queensland,  Australia is grabbing many eyeballs and for all the right reasons. 

Are you looking for a reason as to why you should install solar panels?

Here we have not one, but many!

  • You will be doing the earth much good by going in for a solar panel installation in Australia.
  • A solar power system is not very expensive. Solar Spirit can give you a good deal by way of which you will not feel like you are spending a fortune. 
  • A commercial solar panel can go on perfectly fine for a couple or more decades if proper care is taken. 
  • Only the installation cost must be paid for. Once you do this, the electricity that the panel generates for the next many years is free of charge! 
  • The feel-good factor of doing something for the environment cannot be matched up to!

Why choose us at Solar Spirit for your solar panels, Queensland and Brisbane?

Our expert installations and hassle-free procedures have made us a name to reckon with in the market. 

When it comes to commercial solar inverters in Brisbane, Queensland, our products and services are par excellence and will last you for over two decades! 

We will assist you with every minute detail that is part of the setup. Right from whether to go in for commercial solar battery storage or opt for a grid-connected inverter, you will hear it from the experts. 

Investing in a solar panel is not a day’s work of thinking. It is important to assess the weather conditions in the area, the storms, the winds, the electricity supply, the light hours etc. 

You can rest assured Solar Spirit will do the needful. 

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