How Solar Inverters Brisbane Work and Types of Solar Inverters: Everything You Need to Consider

solar inverters Brisbane

First things first, what makes up a solar power system?

The solar power system consists of a solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter. While the solar panels are responsible for capturing sunlight and converting it to a usable form of energy, the battery stores this energy produced and powers up homes during the night.

The energy absorbed and converted by a solar panel is in DC, which is direct current. A form of energy that cannot be used to run electrical appliances in our homes or offices (even when you are using residential solar panels or commercial solar panels Australia). Solar inverters are responsible for converting DC into AC (alternating current), a power source that electrical appliances in homes and businesses can use. 

What is a solar inverter Brisbane?

The inverter is a vital component of the whole residential solar panels installation Brisbane or commercial solar panels Australia. While its main function is to convert energy absorbed by solar panels knot useable form, the inverter is also responsible for: 

  • Emergency shutoff of power (automatic)
  • Tracking voltage
  • Connect with the grid and function in conjunction

What purpose does a solar inverter Brisbane serve?

Aside from ensuring that your home always has a power supply running, solar inverters Brisbane also perform three vital functions that keep your home or business space safe. These features are mandatory and all inverters offer these features. 

These are:

  • Monitoring and managing the production of solar energy: The solar inverters Brisbane continuously track the voltage of the solar power system set-up. This is to determine the maximum power output the solar panels are able to generate. 
  • Creating more eco-friendly sine waves: The off-grid solar inverters produce sine waves that fulfil the energy requirements but aren’t energy efficient. Solar inverters Brisbane connected with grids whereas create a more sustainable and cleaner sine wave which is utilised to maximum potential
  • Grid connection: Solar inverters Brisbane interact with power grids. This is to certain that during power outage or shutdown, your solar panels do not end up aligning with the power transmission lines under any circumstances
  • The solar inverters Brisbane feeds power loads to the power grid in the case when your home or business is not in need of power. If you have solar battery installation, the inverter will continue to feed power to the grid provided the batteries are full
  • Emergency shutoff in case of overloading or over shedding: Solar inverters Brisbane act as a safety device for your home or business in case of overloading or over shedding that can be dangerous. These emergencies can be due to weather conditions or old systems in use
  • The solar inverters Brisbane also detected fluctuations in the electrical arc and respond immediately to prevent hazardous arc leaks

Types of Solar Inverters Brisbane

Solar inverters Brisbane are of four types, while our experts at Solar Spirit Residential Solar Panels Installation Brisbane

Hybrid solar inverters Brisbane: As the interest in sustainability and having one’s own source of energy, hybrid solar inverters are finding a place due to their ability to pair effortlessly with home battery back systems. The hybrid solar inverters Brisbane not only convert DC form of energy into usable AC form of energy, but they also convert AC form of energy coming from the grid into DC to charge solar batteries.

Hybrid solar inverters Brisbane come with various settings that can be adjusted or configured to supply power to circuits that are important especially in case of a power cut. 

Microinverters: When solar panel Caboolture are clouded and under the shadow, incurred damage or weren’t clean enough for operation … microinverters take up the responsibility of converting DC to AC. Microinverters are placed at the back of individual solar panels Caboolture to ensure continuous and uninterrupted power supply. The placement also helps in identifying unexpected output flow. 

Microinverters are expensive and may not be possible to install if you are keeping a low budget in your mind. The only advantage of microinverters being that they offer easier expansion for systems. It is worth noting that maintenance may pose difficulties in terms of execution and cost. 

Power optimisers: With their similarity to microinverters with respect to the placement of the device in a residential solar panels installation Brisbane and commercial solar panels Australia. Power optimisers do not convert direct current into alternating current. Instead, a power optimiser will examine the voltage and quality of the direct current that is being produced

Upon optimisation from the power optimisers, the direct current travels into a smaller inverter. The smaller inverter is responsible for converting DC to AC.

Power optimisers are compact and create space for system expansion. Additionally, they are highly affordable and reliable. 

String solar inverters Brisbane: Stringing is when a number of solar panels Caboolture are tied together. The stringing pattern determines the functionality of the system.

The string solar inverters Brisbane goes with a set of solar panels forming a pair. The overall energy generated by solar panels installation is sent to the inverter at once. The string solar inverters Brisbane then convert the received direct current into alternating current. 

The string solar inverters Brisbane can take care of multiple pairs of solar panel installation. 

How Long Can Solar Inverters Brisbane Last?

The power optimisers and microinverters are fairly new when it comes to solar inverters Brisbane. So while manufacturers are adding a 25-year warranty to these types of inverters, it is yet to be determined how much these inverters can last. 

The string solar inverters Brisbane can last up to anywhere between 10 to 15 years. And up to 20-years if they are installed in a well-ventilated space. 

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