Make A New Year Resolution. Go In For Residential Solar Panels Australia

Everyone has a New Year’s resolution they don’t intend to keep. You promise yourself something huge, go with it for a week at the max, and then somehow the resolution just wanders off the track. 

We thought this year should be different. Why not make a resolution that will stay throughout the year. Something good, something simple, and something that would require little maintenance. Here’s what we came up with – a residential solar panel Australia

All you’d need to do is pick up the phone and book a consultation with Solar Spirit!

What are residential solar panels Brisbane all about? 

The world is on the cusp of a solar revolution, and you could be a part of this. The battalion in this revolution are the solar panels. These are essentially composed of a range of cells that absorb the sunshine and convert it into electricity. 

This system is connected to the electricity supply, along with a meter. The meter measures how much electricity is generated versus how much is consumed. Thus, you’d be able to keep a track of your savings at the end of each month.

Along with this setup, there would also be a solar inverter. Solar inverters Brisbane are the actual heroes of the setup. They take the power that has been generated by the panels and convert this power into electricity. 

The working of commercial solar panels Brisbane

To understand why a solar panel would be a great New Year investment, you’d do well to see how simplistic the energy flow is and how it helps you economise.

In a solar panel:

  • Individual solar cells which are made up of different layers of chemicals form a grid-like pattern
  • The sun shines down on these solar cells
  • The cells absorb the sunshine and convert it into power
  • The life-span of these residential solar panels in Brisbane and commercial solar panels in Brisbane is 15-20 years 
  • The power gets sent to an inverter and electricity is generated
  • This electricity is then used for your household applications
  • In the case of office spaces, the electricity can be used for a large span of operations

Is commercial solar panel installation Brisbane an ordeal?

Well, it’s definitely not an ordeal for you. Once you get in touch with us, we will work together with you to come up with a comprehensive plan of how to get things going. 

According to your convenience and time, the commercial solar panel installation in Brisbane or the residential solar panel installation in Brisbane will be done. You won’t have to worry about anything, and can leave the entire procedure to us. 

Solar power is the future

As solar power takes on the world, we at Solar Spirit are proud to be part of this green change. Non-renewable sources of energy are soon going to run out, and before the time comes, we thought of taking a step in the right direction. A step towards green power. 

This New Year, you can be part of this change. Resolve to make the planet greener, brighter, cleaner and energy-efficient. As humans we tend to wonder ‘what’s in it for us’.

Well, here’s the deal. You get a solar panel installed and your electricity bills gets reduced a lot! How much? In certain cases, there has been a 90% reduction in the bill amount. You’re not just doing the planet a favour but also yourself. 

Contact us today and let’s take a step towards a better future.


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