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Distress over sky-rocketed electric bill expenses in your property? Solar Spirit has got you covered!

It’s been a decade that Australia has adopted the solar power system in order to curb the huge electric bills stemming from both residential and commercial properties. Australians are utilizing the unlimited, free, and renewable natural resource from the sun which is a greenway towards sustainable development. Solar Spirit is providing premium quality residential solar panel installation as well as solar inverters in Brisbane to time down the expenses from your pocket. 

Since there is a demand for using green energy during the day and solar batteries at night, the cost of installing a solar system has drastically reduced. Solar Spirit is here to guide you through the entire process, starting from considering a solar power system to installation and post-installation service in both home and business properties.

3 types of residential and commercial solar power systems available for you:

  • Grid-connected system: Enables you to send the excess power back to the grid while keeping the connection to the grid to get power at night and on cloudy days
  • Off-grid system: Does not require grid connection when there is a solar battery to provide electricity for 24 hours
  • Hybrid solar system: Consists of both grid connection as well as the solar battery to reuse at night or when the current is off

Avail 10 advantages from solar panel installation in Brisbane

  • Reduced electricity bills: Unlimited use and storage of solar power lead you to save much money from the power bills throughout the year
  • Environment-friendly: By using the alternative fuel to the traditional fossil fuels, it does not release harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2, SO2, and NH3
  • Affordability: Huge demand for the solar power system is leading to a reduction in total cost for installation and making it affordable for Australians 
  • Government support: Rebates, subsidies, and financial supports from the government are making it a lot easier to install the solar power system
  • Accessibility: More accessibility of the abundant green energy till the sun exists
  • Minimal maintenance cost: Only cleaning a solar system a couple of times in a year will lead to low maintenance cost for 25 years
  • Increase property value: Having a property with solar panel installation will help you to add value to the property
  • Photovoltaic panels: Produces electricity in a direct electricity generation method through a photoelectric technique
  • No external noise: Produces no extra noise to disturb people in both residential and commercial properties
  • Easy to install: The installation process is very easy and flexible with sufficient sunlight to switch to a solar system

5 important roles of a solar inverter:

  • Helps to power various electrical appliances such as television, refrigerator, microwave and several machines for commercial purposes 
  • Provides an efficient tracking monitor system to keep an eye on the performance of the residential and commercial solar power system
  • Shows required data to diagnose the technical faults
  • Maximizes the excess energy production by storing it in the solar battery and transfer it to the main grid
  • Improves the capabilities of assistance from a solar grid  

4 categories of solar inverter suitable for Brisbane

  • Grid-connected inverter: Synchronises to the grid with the strength to export power into the grid. There are four types of GC inverter— String, Central, Micro, DC optimisers
  • Hybrid with battery: Charges the solar battery storage and helps to convert the DC current into AC current for the attached loads
  • Multi-mode inverter: Operates from the on-grid mode when available and off-grid mode when it is disconnected. There are two types of multi-mode inverter— Backup and UPS
  • Stand-alone inverter: Does not need any grid for support but utilizes the battery storage 

12 appliances safe to use with green energy

  • Ventilation fans
  • Heaters for swimming pool
  • Geysers
  • Water pumps
  • Room heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Televisions
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Boilers
  • Fans and pumps of manufacturing machinery 
  • Welding equipment
  • Motors air compressors

10 types of solar inverter available in Solar Spirit

  • SMA
  • Fronius
  • ABB
  • Bosch
  • Sungrow
  • Solar Edge
  • Emphase microinverters
  • Solax Hybrid
  • Symo Hybrid
  • Sungrow Hybrid

3 important solar incentives for solar power system Brisbane

  • Federal government: The Small Scale Technology Certificate reduces the upfront cost of the solar power system by 30%
  • State government: A number of state government rebates and incentives for various areas in Australia
  • Electricity retailer: Feed-in tariff as a credit on the power bills where the excess power is exported to the grid

5 steps regarding subsidy scheme by the Australian Government

  • The government generates an online certificate known as a Renewable Energy Certificate
  • After considering to install a solar power system on a roof, the government provides a specific number of Renewable Energy Certificates depending on the size of the panels, the amount of sunlight on the roof, and date of installation
  • There is a special certificate for a residential solar power system known as Small Scale Technology Certificate
  • Sell the Small Scale Technology Certificate to the electric generators to decrease the total cost of the solar power system
  • Make sure to manage the certificate effectively because the huge capacity for solar power system leads to a reduction in the cost of the certificate

Certified workmanship for residential solar panel installation and solar inverters Brisbane

Solar Spirit believes in sustainable development for the future generation and focuses on lesser electricity usage. We guide you to save excess solar energy in premium quality batteries for later usage on your property. With proper guidance from our certified experts, let the sun take care of your power bills. 

Solar panel installation is a very lucrative process that comes with attractive long term benefits in many ways. With expert installation services, Solar Spirit provides you complete professional assistance for the installation of residential and commercial solar power systems.

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