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Australia has been at the forefront of helping countless households and businesses embrace the indispensable benefits of going solar. With the government offering several rebates, zero-interest loans and schemes backed with attractive upfronts, it is easy to see why solar systems have gained widespread prominence all around Melbourne and the rest of VIC alike. 

Add the fact that top manufacturers are providing high-quality and efficient products, there has never been a better time to equip your living space with your very own solar system. 

As a premier Brisbane-based service provider, we ensure the highest quality of our products and services through our partnership with the best product manufacturers in QLD in order to give you an unmatched experience with us. In addition, we also offer quick and hassle-free installation services to help equip your space with your brand new or upgraded system in the quickest time possible. 

We supply a range of products that include:

Our unmatched quality of solar power systems consist of a solar panel in tandem with a solar battery for storage and a solar inverter for conversion of the generated electrical energy into a form that is usable by your appliances. 

Needless to say, our expert team will do the spalr installation for you! At a convenient schedule, our solar installers get the job done smoothly and without any hassles!  

We are also a CEC (Clean Energy Council) Approved Solar Retailer and you can rest assured that our solar products offer the utmost efficiency, standards and quality in your location. 

We are eager to help you take the step towards solar! Get in touch with us today! 

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