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Thanks to the Australian Government, in recent years many homeowners have switched to sun-powered systems under various schemes and rebates. With high-quality products from top manufacturers, incredible finance options and interest-free loans, get your solar panel system installations hassle-free! We also work towards unlocking battery and inverter rebates for your convenience! 

We are a Melbourne based service provider that works with leading product manufacturers to ensure customer satisfaction. With years of experience in servicing in and around Melbourne, we understand your power consumption needs and issue recommendations that are sure to meet your everyday needs! 

Additionally, we also have a wide range of solar batteries and solar inverters to ensure you are getting a complete power system under one roof! Get 360° assistance, device recommendations, professional installations and after-sales services!


Planning to go green? Looking for devices that are well within your budget? Waiting to claim your interest for schemes, rebates and incentives? Get the best solar brands as recommendations! 

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