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Solar Spirit - A Trusted Name in Australia for Solar Energy

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Solar At Home And Commercial Spaces With Solar Spirit - The Best of Green Energy

Solar power systems of the highest quality that meet your energy requirements

Systems from top manufacturers in the industry

Personalised and energy-efficient product recommendations

Hassle-free installations

Solar power systems provider in Victoria & Brisbane, Australia

Professional after-sales care and services

Residential as well as commercial products

Top-quality panels, inverters and batteries are available

On par with industry standards


Premium Solar Energy Solutions in Melbourne & Brisbane

Enjoy Uninterrupted Electricity Supply & Massive Savings

As an established provider for panels, battery and inverters in Melbourne and Brisbane, we offer flagship services you can bank on. We are a CEC approved retailer and we can assist you in availing services, products and benefits from government rebates & schemes. Being environment friendly shouldn’t be a hassle to adapt to.  We work closely with your electricity needs to provide solutions that are affordable & highly convenient. 

We envision solar energy as the way to a brighter and better tomorrow. With a wide variety of devices to choose from, we have got all your energy needs covered. Our experienced team of experts ensure high-quality workmanship and product recommendations when it comes to helping you make the right choice. We provide premium grade installations at prices that are highly affordable and sure to reduce your power bills.

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Solar Spirit Is Determined To Offer The Best Solar Panels In Australia!

Solar devices that pave the way to an energy-efficient tomorrow!

A wide range of residential and commercial devices range to pick from

Expert advice to pick the best product for you

Experts in all types of solar panels, batteries and inverters

Maintenance is on us

Tier-1 Solar Brands

Quote that suits your budget

All types of products under one roof

Installations that are well within your budget

Go green with us!

Why Choose Solar Spirit for Your Installations?

100% Australia grown business that ensures you are getting the right energy solutions for your home or business. Thorough site assessment and unmatched device recommendations well within your budget! Making the move towards lowering carbon emissions shouldn’t be a hassle after all.

How a Solar PV Set-up Powers Your Living Space?

The DC electricity generated by the panels is directed to the central inverter.  This is where it gets converted into AC electricity. Which is further used by electrical appliances to function


The PV cells produce electricity due to the photovoltaic effect. It is the effective process of sunlight absorption that generates electricity in certain materials by loosening their outer electrons


The PV cells are further categorised into two types: monocrystalline panels and polycrystalline panels

The inverter ensures that your living space always uses power generated by the sun’s radiation first. The grid is touched only when the supply is not enough


The unutilised units are exported to the grid for a nominated feed-in tariff

Installation of a bi-directional meter to monitor and report both the incoming and outgoing electricity units


With advancements in technology in manufacturing, a wide range of systems are available. We help you choose the best solar panels for your space and needs!

Case Study: GlassCo

Situated in Melbourne, Victoria. GlassCo is a renowned supplier of glass and value-added glass products for over two decades.

Case Study

GlassCo Australia

Situated in Melbourne, Victoria. GlassCo is a renowned supplier of glass and value-added glass products for over two decades. The company imports, wholesales and manufactures glass products applying advanced manufacturing practices. Over the years, the company acquired state-of-the-art plant and equipment in keeping up with the industry demands.


The biggest challenge was to face the panels north to get the optimum production and leave the gaps on the skylight so that the workers should get plenty of sunshine as well.

Around 100 panels were tilted from the southern pitched roof towards north.


GLASSCO Australia purchased the system outright as the rooftop solar installation provided an excellent opportunity to use capital expenditure to offset future operational costs.

According to the current production graph the system has paid itself in approximately 3.5 to 4 years’ time making it an excellent investment.


System Size:

Solar Panel:


Features of PVD boards:


Products Installed:


547x Jinko 315M-60 panels


1 x ABB 100KW (WB-SX2-PVS-100-TL)

Comparison And Statistics

Monthly Comparison:

DEC 2020:


DEC 2021:


JAN 2022:


DEC 2022:


Annual Production:

2020 Production:

223.5 MWh


2021 Production:

216.7 MWh


Daily Production:


Annual Consumption:


Eco-friendly Living with Solar Systems for Residential & Commercial Spaces

With a solar power system, you don’t have to worry about switching between energy modes. The system functions seamlessly and automatically without constantly demanding your attention. The hassle-free switch is automated and chances are, you will not take notice of the shift.

Having installed hundreds of solar power systems in Melbourne & Brisbane, our services are a class apart. With flagship installation services that are sealed with trust, reliability & experience there’s nothing you will have to worry about.

It is noteworthy that these systems help save massively on energy bills while making the household/business eco-friendly. Additionally, with heaps of government schemes and rebates available, the overall cost spent on getting your installation significantly reduces. 

Why consider the switch though? In recent times the government has indicated its motive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, a bunch of schemes have been launched. As a CEC certified installer and retailer, Solar Spirit can help you claim these offers.

Solar Spirit, Empowering YOU!

Our Work

Our recent 120 kWh Solar Project in Tullamarine

We are Fulfilling Australia Energy Saving Requirements

Solar Spirit is a seasoned provider for residential as well as commercial systems in Victoria and Queensland. With the vision to provide sustainable solutions to everyone in Australia, our solar installers are tirelessly working to fulfil your needs!

When you get in touch with our experts, be assured of getting the highest quality services. We lay utmost emphasis on understanding your needs, overall consumption of energy & how we can assist you to your satisfaction. Make the shift from grid-supplied electricity to panel supply powered by incentives in no time!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

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Solar energy is amongst the most sustainable ways of powering up spaces including residential and commercial. With advancements in technology & government rebates, you can have your solar installation on your rooftop. This is incredibly helpful in lowering dependency on the grid & encourages cleaner & greener living while significantly reducing the greenhouse effect & overall carbon footprint.

The benefits of solar energy in Australia are endless! Here are just a few of them:

  • It’s a renewable source of energy, thereby reducing stress on fossil fuels while adequately meeting electricity requirements
  • The Australian government has introduced a plethora of schemes, incentives and rebates that make buying solar power systems affordable
  • Significantly reduces electricity bills
  • Is economical as well as eco-friendly
  • Maintenance costs are low and these products come with years of warranties
  • There’s no limitation on the appliances you can run using the sun’s energy

Absolutely! It is estimated that solar panels in Australia can significantly reduce your power bills, save money while being 100% eco-friendly and meet all your daily requirements without a hassle! Moreover, the excess units of electricity generated can be stored in solar batteries or can be sold off to the grid.

Yes! Solar power systems reduce a residential or commercial space’s dependency on the grid. Thus, not only are you producing your electricity, but you are also saving hundreds of dollars in power bills.

No, solar panels do not work at night. They only function during the daytime or when the sun’s radiation energy is available for harnessing.

Solar batteries are made using the highest quality of materials & technology. This way, not only do they last for as long as 10 years but they also store every possible unit of electricity that’s directed towards it. Many battery manufacturing companies offer the option to extend this warranty at a nominal charge.

Need Finance?

Solar energy is for everyone. The benefits are endless, to the pocket and to the environment. With current government incentives and solar rebates, it is the right time to go solar! Know more how your living space can have the power of solar energy system!

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  • A solar battery storage system will allow you to benefit more from having a solar power system. We've teamed with Solax to bring you the X Hybrid series Solax Box

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Solar Spirit

Is Determined To Offer The Best Solar Panels In Australia!

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